Find others to ride my bike with

Urban Bike Project’s monthly social rides:
Check out the schedule of rides for 2021, which range in distance from 2-50 miles. Riders of all abilities and experience levels are welcome. These rides are strictly non-competitive and no one will be left behind or pressured to go faster.

Womxn Bike Wilmington:
Looking for other ladies to enjoy bike riding with? Meet others through rides, mechanics classes and more. Perfect for everyone from the cycling-curious to the cycling-enthusiast. Click here for more information.

White Clay Bicycle Club:
For intermediate to experienced riders, White Clay Bicycle Club offers a range of rides in the area with a large community of cycling enthusiasts.

First Friday Rides in Newark:
Join our neighbors in Newark for low-key, social beginner rides every first Friday. Organized by Bike Newark.

Delaware Cyclists Network:
Join their informal Facebook group to meet others in the state who ride, join casual group rides, crowdsource your cycling questions, and enjoy a welcoming cycling community.

Volunteering is a great way to meet fellow bike enthusiasts. Urban Bike Project has a wide array of fun and rewarding volunteer opportunities. No experience necessary! Or check out one of several other bike-related charities that rely on volunteer labor, such as TrailSpinners and Delaware Greenways.