Free Bike Program

UBP’s Free Bike Program provides refurbished, utilitarian bicycles to adults and youth* in Wilmington and surrounding areas. The program also provides bike locks, helmets, lights, and fenders, when available.

*Adult applicants are prioritized over youth applicants. Youth may be better served by our Youth Earn-A-Bike and Youth Open Shop programs.

Program Goals – Transportation and Health

Bicycles are a low-cost, low-maintenance mode of transportation and can also be a part of a healthy, active lifestyle. Many program applicants use their bicycle for securing or maintaining employment, getting around town, exercise, and maintaining health goals.

Details and Eligibility

Applications are reviewed once per month. Applicants are required to sign a waiver of liability when picking up the completed bicycle. Bicycles received by minors must be claimed and signed for by an adult. Unclaimed bicycles will be given to other applicants. APPLICANTS MUST LIVE IN THE WILMINGTON AREA – priority will be given to City of Wilmington residents. We try our best to fulfill all requests but filling out an application does not guarantee that a free bicycle will be given.

Checklist for Eligibility – Applicants MUST complete the following to be considered:

□       Must be referred by a social service agency or community organization

□       Must include letter of reference on official letterhead and signed by an agency staff member

□       Must complete all requested information on the application


How to Apply:

Online (a separate letter of reference must still be supplied)


By Mail

Download/print the application HERE.

Mail the completed application, along with a letter of reference, to the address shown on the application.

In Person

Applications are available at our Open Shop program – a letter of reference is still required. UBP staff are on hand to assist in filling out the application and answer any questions you may have.


Sample Letter of Reference:

A sample letter of reference can be found HERE. Your letter does not have to follow this template exactly, but it is a good example. We prefer personal letters as opposed to standard “fill-in-the-blank” requests for services.

Brian talks with a Free Bike recipient outside of Open Shop
Brian talks with a Free Bike recipient outside of Open Shop. Photo by Tim Hawk.