Open Shop

Open Shop reopens June 30! Masks are required for all visitors. Occupancy limits and 6 foot distancing will be enforced to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort.

Adults and children accompanied by a parent or guardian are welcome to attend Open Shop. Youth (under 18) must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian. Unaccompanied youth may attend Youth Shop.

What can I do during Open Shop?
  • Shop for used bikes – to view a catalog of currently available bikes, click here.
  • Do-it-yourself repairs – knowledgeable volunteer mechanics will help you with your repairs if you don’t know how.
  • Shop for new and used parts
  • Shop for accessories such as lights and locks
  • Ask all of your bicycle-related questions
  • Donate bikes, parts, tools or accessories
  • Apply for our Free Bike Program
Open Shop Hours
Tuesday/Thursday 6:30pm – 9pm
Saturday 2:30pm – 5pm


  • Used bikes: $5 – $200+ (see a more detailed list here)
  • Do-It-Yourself Repairs: $3/hour
  • Used parts: Prices vary. See the base price list here

The Compensated Usage program allows individuals in need to receive free parts and shop time to keep their bicycle in safe operating condition. Sign up at the shop or via the online application. Need a free bike? Apply for one here.

What do my Open Shop purchases support?
Code of Conduct/Rules
  • Visitors to UBP are expected to behave in a respectful manner to volunteers, staff, and other visitors. Please refrain from derogatory language, loud cell phone calls, visible intoxication, etc.
  • We ask that only trained volunteers assist shop visitors with repairs.
  • Repairs are do-it-yourself. Our volunteers are happy to help, but customers are expected to participate. If you would like someone to repair your bike for you, we’re happy to recommend a local bike shop that offers repair services.
  • Shop tools must remain inside the building.
  • Fighting and play-fighting are not permitted.
  • Sale bikes are priced by knowledgeable staff to provide affordable options for our visitors. Prices are non-negotiable. If you need further assistance, please apply for our Free Bike Program.
  • Absolutely no sales made on credit. If you need assistance covering costs, asks us about our Compensated Usage program!
Happy customers found the perfect bikes for riding local greenway trails together.
The public can use our tools and work benches for do-it-yourself repairs during Open Shop