Youth Shop

Youth Shop is open to all Wilmington area youth age 8-18 years old. Youth Shop hours are every Wednesday night from 5pm – 7:30pm. As part of the program, we also offer special events, community service projects and bicycle rides on weekends during the warmer weather months.

  • Youth Shop is free, drop-in style, and first come, first served. Youth do not necessarily spend all 2.5 hours with us, nor are they required to arrive right at 5. Those who do arrive early are less likely to have to wait in line to get in.
  • Youth choose from three options: work independently on their bicycle, volunteer to earn shop credit, or take an Earn-A-Bike class.
  • Earn-A-Bike classes give youth the skills they  need to maintain and repair their own bicycles. Youth participating in the program complete a checklist of six classes in order to earn a free bike.
  • Youth who choose to volunteer earn between $2 and $3 an hour in shop credit, depending on how hard they work. Shop credit can be used to purchase parts for their bikes and accessories. Motivated youth who save their credit can even eventually purchase a bike from our sale floor. Weekend community service projects offer youth additional opportunities to earn shop credit. We can provide letters confirming service hours for any youth who must meet community service requirements.
  • Those who are repairing their own bicycle during Youth Shop may use tools free of charge. If replacement parts are needed, youth may purchase them with cash or shop credit.
  • Youth age 12 or older who complete all six classes, volunteer a minimum of 10 hours, and prove maturity and leadership may become Youth Mentors. Youth Mentors help other youth repair their bikes, earn a higher hourly rate for shop credit, and are eligible to apply for paid positions as junior camp counselors.
Youth work together to repair a bike.